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Fillers are a wonderful way to freshen your look with Minimal downtime or discomfort.


Many people are nervous of having fillers injected as they don't want to look like some over inflated movie stars do!However if done skillfully and subtly, fillers can replace the volume which has been lost in various areas of your face without making you look like you've had anything "done".


Injecting fillers effectively and beautifully requires an understanding of facial anatomy and the dynamics of facial movement as well as an artistic eye.  It is for this reason that Dr Schoenfeld believes it should not be done by physicians who have merely been on a brief course to learn the mechanics of injecting.


As a cosmetic plastic surgeon she has an understanding of the face, how it changes over time and how to optimize your individual appearance.  She will discuss these and your own personal preferences in depth with you prior to treatment so the she can satisfy your expectations.  


Dr Schoenfeld uses only top quality, safe international products to give you the best results.

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