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chemical peels

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Chemical peels can be defined as an accelerated form of the skins natural exfoliation. The peel activates changes in the skin, which vary according to the depth of the peel. 


Our peels are professionally done under medical supervision.


With superficial peels, AHA and BHA are used ( alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid), particularly glycolic acid.  With medium peels, the most widely used agent is TCA ( Trichloracetic acid)


All common skin disorders that can be treated with peels:


  • Oily Skin.

  • Acne.

  • Acne scars.

  • Open pores.

  • Dull skin complexion.

  • Dry skin.

  • Wrinkles.

  • Thin and frail skin.

  • Sagging skin.

  • Spots.




  • Not for use on patients using Vitamin A acid.

  • Not for use during pregnancy.

  • Avoid exposure to UV light for at least 1 - 4 weeks, depending on the depth of the peel.

  • Do not wear perfume before and after the treatment.


Peels will enhance other aesthetic treatments such as bottox, fillers and laser treatments. 


We also stock Dermaceutic cosmeceuticals which have been proven to enhance the efficacy of peel treatments (approx 75%).


Our expert staff will be able to fully inform and advise you as to the best treatment option for your individual needs. 

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